>Out in the garden this weekend and things are coming up, whether I like it or not. Alexandra and I explored a bit this afternoon to get some shots of things we planned and didn’t that are coming up. This strawberry is from our garden and Jack likes to go out every few days and gather the berries. I have to remind him to pick only the red ones. We picked one to take in for show and tell and it barely made it out of the container we put it in before he ate it in front of the whole class.

Some morning glories curling up my rose trellis. I love their shape.

Check out this guy hanging on my rose. I have been seeing these guys everywhere, surely munching on my veggies.

My orange bulbine, such a performer. Maybe I should plant an entire garden of this!

This gorgeous vine has been popping up everywhere- I just love the green little star flowers. Turns out it is milkwort vine- a favorite of the monarch butterflies.

And finally, a prickly pear in bloom but the bloom color of this was so pretty with the shade of peach, the blossoms are usually yellow.


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