>We visited my parents house in Dallas. I always find the backyard at their house to be such a tranquil setting to relax (honestly, not much of that going on having the two kids up there). But I was able to take a stroll around with the baby on my hip and get some pictures of some of the things that I love out there.This yard truly inspires me everytime I visit.

Here is the resident duck couple from the creek that come to take a daily swim in the pool.

A fish sculpture we gave my parents years ago that they have incorporated seamlessly in the pool rockwork. The daylilies and columbines in the back, reaching out like little birds looking for a treat.

Here is s shot of the Louisiana irises along the creek. My parents put these in when they first moved in 10 years ago and they have just ontinued to spread and thrive every year.

Some Lorepetelum, Chinese fringe plant which just grows enormous. I have some freshly put in at my house but they are so tiny it is hard to know how beautiful they will hopefully become.

Some stonecrop, just a wonderful texture, something I feel I often forget to incorporate into my garden.

A wonderful garden room. The gate leads to an overlook above the spillway and really is just perfectly framed. And the Lady Banksia rose is really going nuts on the gate.

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  1. >Hello!Pam from Digging (http://penick.dnsalias.net:58089/digging/?m=200705) mentioned that she saw your blog so I thought I’d drop by to say “Hi!”I’m glad to ‘meet’ another Austin Garden Blogger. The photos of your parent’s back garden are lovely. You’re right, it is a very peaceful place. I’ll bet your children love to see the ducks in the stream. I will link to your blog from mine under Austin Gardening Blog.Cheers!Dawn

  2. >Hello from another Austin garden blogger. I just got back from visiting my parents in Dallas and found Pam’s e-mail saying that she had found your site and when I stopped by to check it out I was startled by the pictures, which look remarkably similar to the creek my parents live on in North Dallas. They don’t have as many lovely flowers in their yard, though.Anyway, it’s good to see another Austinite posting about her garden.— Susan from South of the River

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