>May 21


Cloudy day today with some rain this morning. My first day with someone to watch the baby in the afternoon so I strolled alone around the yard. My first discovery was one I couldn’t remember what it was until I consulted my gardening journal. Veronica Royal Candles Speedwell, Veronica Spicata. Coming up in a few spots. Recommendations are to deadhead to get prolific blooming.

A calla lily I was given when Jack was born 3 years ago from my friend Shelly. It has bloomed beautifully every year. Perhaps this will be the year I transplant it into the ground. Callas have special significance for me since this is what John gave me when he proposed.

Some flowers have reseeded from the past owners and started coming up. Coneflowers, zinnias? I’m not quite sure. They certainly give a lot of color.

My mutabilis rose has been blooming and I love the colors its putting out.

And finally, a wild patch of prairie verbena that I spotted last year. It stayed in bloom so long that I hunted and hunted on the internet to identify it. Now I have some seeds ordered so I can spread some around in the wooded areas and have more of this color on the property.


6 thoughts on “>May 21

  1. >The butterflies should love your zinnias and verbena, Bonnie!I have a few calla lilies planted in the ground. The leaves come up, and they usually bloom, but nothing yet so far. We gardeners do have some romance in us, don’t we? You grow callas as a memento, and I grow yellow roses for a similar reason! A mutabilis is on my wishlist for next fall – how long have you had yours? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >Annie-I’ve had the mutabilis since last fall, so they are still very small. But I heard great things about them when Bill Welch from A&M lectured to my master gardening class. So I really wanted to try them. I have had a handful of blooms but I’m sure they are still settling in to a certain degree.

  3. >I just had to share this with you. Your zinnias are beautiful. I planted zinnias in a cutting garden and Mother Nature decided they should reseed themselves in my nearby vegetable bed. (Isn’t it funny how un-tidy gardening can be!!) I couldn’t bear to pull them out (even though they took up so much veggie space) and for the two years they kept coming back, they were far more muted than those I originally planted. Soft hues of peaches and pinks and I loved their desire to keep on going. So, perhaps yours will surprise you in a future season!

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