>May 29, 2007

>Wahoo!!!!!! Who says men aren’t sensitive!
My husband sent me off to my brother’s in Jackson for the weekend for a break from the kids. That’s right…NO KIDS. Just the sunlight to wake me up and the darkness to tire me out. We just let the day take us where it wanted us to go- no diaper bags, no potty training, no nursing (although I do admit that I work a mean breast pump!) Sorry, so used to sharing “too much information” on my other blog that it just spills over to here.

It was a great stay and I was able to work in a visit to Mynelle Gardens in Jackson, a beautiful private garden that has been taken over by the city and I guess is their de facto botanical garden. Chris and I spent the afternoon wandering and taking “macros” or close up shots of the prettiest flowers.

They had a ton of varieties of dayliles. This hot orange one really stood out in the afternoon.

A mimosa tree in bloom, absolutely the centerpiece of the garden. We couldn’t stop taking pictures of this. And with the reflection on the water, you just wanted to sit and stare as the light changed.

A close up of the mimosa blossom.

They interspersed some nice statues around like this one among the iris.

The garden was filled with hydrangeas of all colors and this one especially struck me with all the different colors coming out.


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