>Passalong Plants Makes Me Crave!

>This review is part of the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club May postings on Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing.

Passalong Plants is a book that I savor. I cart it around the house with me as I get caught in activities where I might have a chance to read a few more pages. Nursing my baby? It’s always on the table next to me in case she falls asleep and I can read a few entries. Potty training my son? It’s on the floor next to his potty so I can read it while encouraging him (do you think I can sound sincere AND read at the same time?)

Steve Bender and Felder Rushing have done a beautiful job of putting together a book that feels like a wonderful Italian meal unfolding over an entire afternoon. Just enough of each “dish” to make you crave more and then move on to the next course. I have pages dog-eared to look up more information on the internet when I am done. And I know I’ll have a long list to try and order (alas, no little old ladies on my street are giving me these beauties)

I just came back from a weekend in Jackson, Mississippi where Felder Rushing is from, and I must confess, I considered stalking him to get a view of his garden. Funny enough, my brother who lives there listens to his radio show, co-hosted by “Dr. Dirt”, and my brother isn’t even a gardener. Have you seen his web site? He looks nothing like what I expected him to be when I read the book, but everything I would want him to be to create fabulous gardens with his Passalong Plants.


2 thoughts on “>Passalong Plants Makes Me Crave!

  1. >Bonnie,Thank you for participating in the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club. Your post came in plenty of time! I am impressed how you use little snippets of time to read the book. You sound very busy with a baby and a toddler and trying to garden and read books, too!Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. >Bonnie, the book is wonderful, and Felder Rushing in person is charming, but it’s hard to find anyone who actually owns many of the plants in the book. Maybe that’s because even the almost-little-old-ladies like me are often transplanted people with non-established gardens?If you’d like Lambs Ears, Salmon-pink cannas or a fan of the Pale-peach iris shown on my garden blog, drop me an email via the profile page.Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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