>June 5, 2007

>Lots of bright colors- really it is not what I am good at. I’m more of a muted, fall color type-of-gal. So when these zinnias, courtesy of the previous owner, started popping up in fuchsias and oranges, I thought “yuck”. I just wasn’t sure what to expect. But either out of curiosity or laziness, I let them bloom. And oh my, what a show they are putting on for me. Like they are pulling out all the stops, begging me “Yes, you can love us. Let us come back year after year.” And I think they have me convinced.

Here is my parade of colors.


3 thoughts on “>June 5, 2007

  1. >Those are pretty, please let them stay! I always sow some zinnia seeds someplace in the vegetable garden. Yours are all blooming now and mine are stil little seedlings!

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