>June 6, 2007

>What a gorgeous way to start the day to unexpectedly run into this canna bloom on my walk around the yard. My cannas are adopted, passalongs, whatever. I have some from a dear friend who was thinning his and had them stacked in the driveway when I visited. I mentioned them and he told me they were easy, just throw them in the ground, and would I like some. So off on my canna adventure I embarked. I have bought a few red ones along the way. I have also mixed in some ginger lilies from my father’s garden.

So, after seeing this bloom, I was inspired to visit my canna orphanage along the driveway, where I stuck all the cannas I dug up from my old house, because I couldn’t stomach leaving them for someone who would not appreciate them. First orphaned in the vegetable garden to grow a season, then dug up and left in a gardening cart for 3 months, then finally settled into an orphanage plot next to the driveway, they have steadily continued to grow despite the shoddy treatment. But I discovered on my visit that some of my “friends” have been munching on them. So I dug up about half and moved them inside the fence to join this beauty and give me more joy. Who knows what color they will be?


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