>Water, water, everywhere!

This is a photo of Mansfield Dam, which has four floodgates open right now to lower the levels in the lakes above it. So we had to o see it the other night since this is the highest Lake Travis has been in over a decade. They have a boating ban on Lake Travis through July 4 because the water is so high and there is so much debris from flooding under the surface. Travis rose 5 feet over a 36 hour period last week!

And the mosquitoes are horrific. You can not set foot outside without bug spray. Those awful Asian Tiger mosquitoes…so big I can see the stripes on their bodies. Yuck!


2 thoughts on “>Water, water, everywhere!

  1. >It’s now Monday evening, July 2nd, and we just had another downpour in my neighborhood, Bonnie. I had to go for another can of mosquito repellant yesterday before I could weed and tie up the tomatoes. Doesn’t it feel odd not to be walking around with a garden hose in hand? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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