>Well, as many of you gardeners know, we have been deluged with rain here in Austin. I mean, this is really so unheard of here where by now we are usually fighting water restrictions and dry heat in triple digits. But here I am , with my sprinkler on rain delay and I swear I have not run it in over a month easily since I keep just hitting delay for another 7 days after every downpour.

The good news is this kind of rain makes everyone a fantastic gardener. You can’t help but have your plants going crazy. The bad news is that rain = poor quality pictures so I have not been posting much lately. But today is blue skies and sunny so I wanted to share my veggie garden bounty with you. I’m most proud of a project my hubby helped me out with the other day that I was inspired by Skip Richter, our Extension agent here in Travis county. He suggested using a livestock panel to grow a melon vine on and showed the possibility of making it into an arch. Then you tie the melons onto the trellis with sections of pantyhose with the melons slipped inside. So poor hubby had to haul a 16 ft. piece of cattle panel from across town back to our house and help me set it up. But it is awesome. Some pictures:

Here’s the view from the entrance to the veggie garden. Tomatoes on the left and the arch in the back. The red flag just is a caution to not walk into a wire that is holding my tomato trellis from keeling over (love that rain!)

Here’s 2 views of the melon vines climbing the trellis.

And here are my 2 cucumber vines…and a view from below where you can see the baby cukes emerging.

These are some of my tomato plants, the first is a Black Krim and the second a Sweet 100 so my son can harvest and pop them in his mouth like candy.

And finally, a watermelon vine which is going crazy right now.

It’s not all been success here in veggie land. My corn experiment failed miserably with small, half developed corn emerging. I finally just pulled them up. My strawberries have been enough to thrill a 3 year old who doesn’t know any better but hardly enough to top my cereal in the morning.

And my tomatillas! Covered in flowers…but no fruit. I was getting frustrated until last night when I researched on the internet. Did you know tomatillas pollinate each other but can’t pollinate themselves. Thank god I just happened to buy two or I would be really upset. But I also learned that they regularly confuse gardeners by taking a long time to set fruit but then suddenly having a bountiful harvest. So thank you internet, I will be more patient and see what comes out.

Of course, I remind you of what part the rain has played in all of this growth. Last year, you found me with few tomatoes and a cucumber vine that was decimated by borers. So I’m just enjoying the harvest while it lasts.


3 thoughts on “>Veggie-palooza!

  1. >Wow! That is quite an excellent veggie garden you have there. I know what you mean about the rain making everything grow. In Florida we called it “liquid sunshine”.Happy Gardening!Dawn

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