>Little angels in the garden

>Today I was blessed to have some help in my garden from my son and niece. They are vegetable-gatherers-extrodinaire. They donned their new gardening gloves, which we bought at Target, gathered our basket and vegetable bag for the bounty, sprayed on lot of bug spray (have you seen those Asian Tiger mosquitoes-yuck!) and headed out. I prayed as we walked to the graden that we might have just one or two cukes and tomatoes so the kids could enjoy it. Well, someone up there heard my prayers, because my first look into the cucumber patch revealed 4 giant cucumbers. They picked the lower tomatoes and I got the ones on the top and gave to them to drop into their baskets. We got 3 Black Krim tomatoes, dozens of Juliet, quite a few Sweet 100, although I must admit thety ate at least 10 on the spot, and about 6 cucumbers. Thank you, my vegetable-gathering angels.

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3 thoughts on “>Little angels in the garden

  1. >You were blessed, that is quite a harvest and how fortunate to have such willing helpers! I am envious of all those tomatoes.Carol at May Dreams Gardens

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