>Help, I’m being attacked!

>Alright all you garden bloggers out there, I need your help. And help spread the word to other bloggers if you think they could help.

Something is attacking my melon and cucumber vines and I need your help to ID so I can decide how to treat. I noticed it first on the melon vine, the leaves getting some yellow spots, then shriveling up. I thought at first it was aphids of another bug since I saw things on the back of the leaves, but now I am thinking that the aphids are perhaps a secondary attack from the vine getting a fungus. Maybe a mosaic virus? Researched online at Texas A&M and couldn’t find any pictures to compare. I generally suck at insect or disease identification. All the lectures in my master gardening class didn’t soak in (I should probably repeat that part of the course every year!)

OK, here are some pics.

Closeup of front of leaf starting to get yellow areas

Looking up at leaves from below, notice these are already browning.

Cucumber vines starting to yellow

Back of melon leaf- kind of crusty and yellow, and you can see some small yellow bugs at the bottom. I thought this is probably the “honeydew” from the aphids.

More crusty yellow developing

Let me know if you have any ideas on what this could be. I just hate it because the melon and cucumber crops are looking so good until this came along. I tried to buy ladybugs yesterday at Red Barn. No luck, they said something came through and destroyed all of their ladybugs about a week back. Ugh!


2 thoughts on “>Help, I’m being attacked!

  1. >For some reason, all of the pictures did not load when I viewed your post. But, my suggestion was going to be to call your local county extension office and ask someone for help. That’s what they are there for! Hurry before it is too late!Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. >Bonnie – this may not help, but I looked in my “Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening” book by Howard Garrett and Malcolm Beck. [They’re pioneers of organic gardening in Texas and treat everything with stuff like Garrett juice, garlic and baking soda, with cornmeal for the soil.]Anyway, here are a few excerpts:”yellow spots on older leaves – downey mildew fungus” ‘Talcum-like material on leaves that later turn brown wither and die – Powdery mildew fungus””Cucumbers need healthy soil and excellent drainage…poor flavor is caused by too much soil moisture” And over the weekend I heard that all the rain is leaching nutrients out of the soil, which would also contribute to crummy cukes. Good luck!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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