>Planting in July…lovely

>OK, I have to admit it right now. With this irregular weather we are having, I just couldn’t resist when my mother-in-law asked me to accompany her to Red Barn. “I won’t buy, I won’t buy” I repeated in my mind as my mantra. But I got there and there were signs everywhere “All Plants 50%!”. An intelligent rational gardener would have thought “Hmmm, why are they 50% off?” and walked away. But I am anything but rational, especially with the fact that I haven’t had to run my sprinkler all summer. And we are forecasted to get rain steadily all week. A perfect time for planting (which has never been muttered in July in Austin before this year) .

So, I purchased.

Just supplementing, I reminded myself. I have two beds out on either side of the driveway that I transformed from lawn last year, and the plants I put in the fall haven’t filled out as much as I thought, plus some got eaten by deer who conveniently ignore the tags on the plants that say deer resistent! Damn deer, learn to read!

So I bought 4 gulf muehly grasses. I love them in the fall. I have three on each side so this would bring it up to 5 on each side. And I bought 4 Mexican bush sage. I love their blue spires. I had one on each side, which I hated because it looked so lonely. So now, that one has friends! See, it’s really about kindness and gaving plants some friends to hang out with so they can party in the rain, be happy, grow bigger and bloom. I’m all about happy plants.

That’s rock rose, tiny in the bottom of the picture. I think the deer are using that as their dessert every night. Gulf Muehly is in the back. Mexican bush sage at the top with white lantana behind it.

OK, I have satisfied my planting binge.

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2 thoughts on “>Planting in July…lovely

  1. >I couldn’t resist the siren call of plants recently either, not after all the cool days and rain we’ve been getting. So far, so good, as this first week after planting is shaping up to be as rainy as usual. Good luck with your new plants, and here’s hoping the deer decide your neighbors’ plants are tastier than yours.

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