>Gardening 911

>Today, I hopped out to the veggie garden as soon as the sitter got here for the baby. I brought some insecticidal soap, a hose, a scrub brush and my pruners. I had thought all night about my poor cantaloupes and how they were being attacked and I was more convinced than ever that is is an aphid attack and I could stop it.

So first I pruned, taking off all of the dead or dying leaves, then carefully taking that pile of bug infested stuff out of my garden. Then I started washing leaves with the hose sprayer. They say that you can dislodge aphids with a strong spray of water, but they don’t tell you that your leaves disintegrate as well, ripping and tearing under the spray of the water. Finally I strated spraying with insecticidal soap, just getting down and dirty. I rubbed the backs of leaves to get those nasty critters off. Had water and soap running down my arm as some of the leaves have grown to ther top of th trellis.

Anyway, discovered two melons which has already died as a result. But I still have 4 that are pantyhosed-up onto the trellis.

Next I went after the cucumber vine which is also showing the same signs of stress, but maybe a bit earlier in the cycle. Again, looked under each leaf and sprayed and rubbed the little buggers away. Cut off some leaves which are already past saving. I’ve already had plenty of cukes, but I’ll be so sad if I don’t get at least one melon from the vine.


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