>Patient Checkup

>Caution: Images in this entry may be disturbing to some viewers…or just plain sad.

Well, I went out this morning to check on the melon vine, in the 45 minutes between rainstorms, this is what I saw.

Not pretty. I think it looks bad partially because I pruned off so many leaves that were too far gone from the bug damage. But I admit, it still looks oretty awful. I still have about 4-5 pantyhosed melons that are hanging in there. And in checking the leaves, there seemed to be less bugs after my spraying the other day. I sprayed some of the newer leaves today to give them a fighting chance.

And there’s hope…

a few new melons coming in, even with the cosmetic nightmare going on around them. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m hoping my spray has given some time for the predators to move in. I saw a predator fly this morning- but where are my buds the ladybugs? Maybe the rain is keeping them hidden.

This is what is tough about vegetable gardening. You start out so strong with beautiful green plants and flowers everywhere. Then the pests get a whiff of your bumper crop and arrive to party. I know in my gardening class they talked about the curve of the pest/predator, that if you just wait when pests arrive, sooner or later nature will balance itself out by the population of pests attracting the predators that will bring the population down. But it’s a chance it might be too late and your plants will be decimated. So I’m hoping it’s not too late for my cucumbers and cantaloupes.

Have any of the other veggie gardeners out there been having problems?

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One thought on “>Patient Checkup

  1. >Hi thereOur pests in the UK will be a bit different, but after weeks of wet weather the sun has come out & so have the insects.. Butterflies laying eggs everywhere, so we will soon have caterpillars munching away!TopVeg

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