>In between the showers

>Got outside Friday in between the showers and got some shots of things I haven’t caught at the right time of day. A quick morning round with the camera after the babysitter arrived allowed me to see some things before the heat of the day caught them and chased me inside.

Purple heart, one of my favorite plants that spreads wonderfully fast, extremely drought tolerant, and has beauiful oink flowers in the morning. And who can resist adding that kind of color to your beds?

My morning glory, madly engulfing my trellis. I have all this beautiful gree, but no flowers yet. Seems unusual for a morning glory. But I love the way the vines are reaching out to catch ANYTHING else they can climb on.

Another morning glory on another trellis, this one cascading down with flowers, having not caught the next rung of the trellis going across.

And my my wildflower/septic field is finally sprouting again after being mowed down to rid of burrs and poison ivy. But one of the spots we spared had this beautiful remnant of sunflowers. Just gorgeous.

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3 thoughts on “>In between the showers

  1. >Your Purple Heart is generally grown in containers here. Not hardy at all for us! Another common name for it that I’ve heard is “Moses in a Cradle”, which I assume comes from how the flowers are nestled in the leaves.Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. >My purple heart had to be severely cut back last week – but I wouldn’t want it to be gone from my garden, either. Bonnie – I don’t have morning glories but my Moon Vine is closely related. Like your vines mine is really late to bloom and has just formed a couple of buds. Not enough kisses from the sun! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >ok – do you think the profusion of morning glory leaves with no blooms is the result of too much rain? I have the very same problem. I planted 2 morning glories and a Mexican Flame Vine and they are growing, but no flowers….hmmmm

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