>Quality Control

>My baby with my babies!

Alex decided she was quality control today as I came in from harvesting. Big news, the first melon was a full slip, ready to be picked. I was excited since I wasn’t sure I would have any crop at all after the big scare of spider mites decimated the vine. Anyway, Alex proceeded to roll the melon several times back and forth as any good melon inspector will do. Then she plucked a tomato out of the basket to take a closer look and give it the old “test lick”. It passed her rigorous requirement- namely that it was bigger than her mouth and it didn’t squeek- so she put it back in the basket.

Keep up the good work, Inspector!

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4 thoughts on “>Quality Control

  1. >She’s adorable!!!! I’m still trying to convince my 4 year old that she likes tomatoes … having her help pick them hasn’t really helped so far! I’m not giving up tho!

  2. >Beautiful Picture! Love your cantaloupe & tomatoes.I had no luck with tomatoes this year; the deer ate every last one. Happy is the baby with the fresh produce, I always say! 🙂

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