>Return of the mothership

>I’m back after a week at the beach filled with kids, sunblock, and intensive potty training. Here’s my motherly advice on that…when you are exhausted with potty training and all of your reasonable discussions get you nowhere closer to getting your little one to poop on the potty (I know, this potty talk is more appropriate for my mommy blog) it’s time to bring in reinforcements in the form of older children. ‘Nuff said here. If you want more, click here.

Now, back to gardening. Oh yeah…when I got home and went out to check my veggie garden, I was thrilled to discover that the painter we hired to paint in the house while we were gone had inadvertently turned off the spigot that feeds my drip hose for my veggies. So the garden had gone about a week without a drop in high temps. Nothing completely died, but most plants lost about half their foliage and fruits. Sucks.

August has arrived full fore with high heat indexes.


2 thoughts on “>Return of the mothership

  1. >Welcome back, Bonnie – sounds like you had a great vacation at ‘Dump Camp’ but too bad about the drip hose. I hope some of it recovers now that you’re home. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >My sympathies with the potty training. It’s a tough row to hoe but you’ll get there. Mine is struggling with a few nap time accidents over new teachers and a new classroom. Sorry about your garden. Mine has had water while we were gone, but I think the first “season” for our tomatoes is over and we’re starting on round 2 for some of them. It looks very sad. The weeds, however, seeming to be doing great!

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