>Where in the heck is Fall?

>I had hopes for this weekend that the weather would cool off finally as we have been far above average for this time of year. But, alas, the forecast has changed and it looks like more of the same through next week. Temps in the 90s. I just keep waiting for that front to hit and bring me some breezes, and stir up the gardening vibes inside of me.

Honestly, I need some colder weather to inject me with some energy. I have been slacking in my gardening duties as my mothering duties overtook me. Baby started crawling, son got croup, baby got croup, son went to doctor and got flu shot, son on antibiotics, baby went to doctor and they found ear infection, baby on antibiotics. My husband and I have not slept alone in our bed in two weeks if that gives you any indication of the sleep deprivation level at our house.

Actually, I will admit to some gardening this weekend. Husband and I hired our babysitter to come over Sunday morning (thank god she’s not a church-goer or we would never get anything done!)to play with the kids and we had “I get to do what I want” for 3 hours. John cleaned the garage and I weeded and reworked the veggie garden. Melon season is officially over since I have just harvested my 3 watermelons. Tomatilla season is over as I pulled those out. Tomato season is winding down (or perhaps getting reinvigorated) as I did some serious pruning of the Juliets and Sweet 100s. But…hello pea season!!!! Seeds went in at the bottom of the trellis.

I must admit I was disappointed with the cantaloupes I grew- I harvested quite a few and they were gorgeous when opened, but completely lacking in sweetness until I got to the final one. So, too much work for too few rewards. The tomatillas were great but I was surprised- a ton of flowers and less but still impressive fruits. But man, the fruits were midgets. But I did get enough to make quite a few dinners with them, and even added them to gazpacho. The Juliets were the winner this year. Produced like crazy, good solid taste, and literally harvested basket after basket after basket. Watermelons…interesting to grow, absolutely took over every spare inch of garden space. Not sure I would do them again.

So when the weather gets my fall energy flowing, my task list includes:
1. transplanting the Texas hibiscus into the ground from the pot it has been in for 3 years
2. trimming back roses
3. trimming dead limbs off of Texas sage
4. Starting to visualize lines of beds in backyard I want to create where lawn currently grows (task #4 will grow into about 60 further tasks once I can start moving on this project. )

This project for the new bed is something I have thought about for a while, creating additional flower space in our back yard and removing some of the lawn. It will involve removing grass, tilling, soil amendment, stonework. And finally planting. But I have thought of fall as a time to build a foundation for other seasons and that seems to fit perfectly with this project.


One thought on “>Where in the heck is Fall?

  1. >You’re right, Bonnie – my mind is also full of ideas and projects and if we’d even be in the low eighties instead of the low nineties, I might turn them into realities… Good luck with yours!Annie at the Transplantable RosePS Our peppers are still making a few fruit – but even the Juliets seem to have given up.

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