>Belated Bloggers’ Bloom Day

>My apologies, my bloom day collided with my “Sick Child” day, as we have had illness haunting our family for the past few weeks. But I won’t go into gross bodily functions in children. That’s for my other blog.

Oh, the glorious weather that has tantalized me this week. Today it is overcast and a gorgeous temperature in the mid eighties. We have slept with the windows open the last few nights. Bring on the fall!

I walked around my garden today without breaking a sweat and saw what has been revived by the cool weather.

A moonflower vine has been teasing me for the last few night. It has buds all over it but these two are ready to go. I checked last night, but they stayed closed. These flowers are amazing to smell at night and I only wish I had them right outside my bedroom window.

My peas are just peaking out of the ground at the base of the trellis in my veggie garden

My gulf Muehly grass is putting on show-stopping gauzy red stalks_ I planted them based on being struck dumb when I saw them planted en masse at a development and have been waiting for it’s bloom time.

The fountain grasses are putting on their own little show with their dramatic creamy stalks

When I approached my wildflower/septic field, I noticed some newcomers visiting for the fall, alongside the oldtimers making their way out. Here, scarlet sage grows up in front of the skeletons of the coneflowers.

Right next to it, I found a beautiful cluster of seed heads with white flowers below. After some research, I think I have IDed these as milfoil.

A morning glory peeks out from a tangle of greenery

My jasmine vine is not blooming, but it is in growth mode, twining up the legs of our deck. My father in law helped me attach guide wires in the spring for it to grab on to.

And my Texas Sage has put on a n unexpected encore performance with it’s beautiful pink flowers against blue-green foliage


5 thoughts on “>Belated Bloggers’ Bloom Day

  1. >Hi Bonnie! I can very well understand the predicament of parents when their little ones get sick. Last week, my three year old daughter had a severe attack of gastroenteritis and it was a very difficult time for both of us.Hope your little one has recovered completely by now.The grasses are lovely.They have an understated charm about them.Best wishes

  2. >Hope everyone is healthy at your house very soon. Your milfoil should attract the butterflies. I love volunteer plants. It’s like a real gift from mother nature.Keep watching that moonflower! 🙂

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