>Bugs in the Garden-Trouble!

>I saw the most fascinating display of two unusual bugs in the garden today. Luckily, I was able to capture most of it with my camera. It was an interaction between a honeybee and a ladybug. The honeybee was beautiful, but a little on the bossy side with the ladybug who happened to be mulling about close by. The ladybug quickly showed her ornery side and made her displeasure quite clear and the honeybee was driven away.

Let’s see if I can embed the pictures. …

Here you see the honeybee approaching the ladybug.

Quickly the ladybug begins to show her distress at the honeybee

Finally she makes it quite clear she wants nothing to do with the honeybee by making lots of noise

And the honeybee is driven off

Such mischievous insects frolicking in my garden!


8 thoughts on “>Bugs in the Garden-Trouble!

  1. >Such cute bugs! Wish i could pull at their cute little cheeks. Lucky me, that you could capture it all in your camera, for they are the most unusual and the loveliest bugs i’ve ever seen:-)

  2. >Love your little “pests!” And the moonflower is great. I’m so glad not to be the only one who missed Bloom Day … or blossomed tardily!

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