>And so it begins…

>One of my planned fall projects is to remove some of our grass and create some beds in the back yard. Soften the look of the yard and give me more planting space. Really, it’s just about giving me more planting space. It’s all about me…buying more plants. The cycle never stops. Sorry John.

Actually, with all of the wonderful gardeners I know now in Austin, I find that I am getting some passalong plants and I just love it. And quite frankly, I need more soil to put these wonderful plants in. So, back to the bed. The bed will curve along the side of the pool, take a turn and run along the patio and then run underneath our 2nd story deck. The roses are planted below the deck right now, they get some fierce sun there, and they will stay. But the bed will allow me to plant something in front of them and keep the grass from getting around the base of the roses.

And so I marked the trench last week and made the basic digs with the shovel. Then today, I began laying the border.

I did the stonework until I ran out of shade. I’ll keep going this week as we have such wonderful weather.

AND all you gardeners out there, please let me know if you have any suggestions for companion plants to go in front of the roses.

I also noticed my morning glories are all blooming so well. In fact, they seem to ignore the time of day all together and stay open morning, noon and evening.

Ahhh, I love fall.


3 thoughts on “>And so it begins…

  1. >Hi! I’ve been reading your gardening weblog for a few months, but I’m not sure that I’ve commented before. Thanks for writing about gardening in Austin – I’ve found the experiences of other webloggers so educational that I’ve started my own gardening weblog.I recently discovered the plant swap community (via GardenWeb). I attended my first plant swap this past weekend in Buda and came back with so many new and interesting plants that I’ll be trying out in my garden. There’ll be another swap in the spring, it looks like, and I’m really looking forward to it.Thanks again for writing!Rachel@in bloom

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