>November Bloom Day

>I am frantically getting back in action after my sick leave to post for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day where bloggers from all over post what is in bloom in their garden.

Let’s start by saying that here in Austin, we have been having unseasonably warm weather, up in the 80s. Until yesterday, when at 4pm, a front blew in and took our temps down to the 40s last night and a high of 70 today. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, 70 is perfect for me.

OK, let’s see what we have in the garden.

The vinca are still fighting to hang on, and not having much of a battle with our current weather.

I keep thinking I need to pull them out to “clean up for the fall”, but why when they are still so healthy looking?

A gerbera daisy sending up a lovely red flower

My orange bulbine, still growing strong. But really, does it ever stop blooming?

A yellow climber rose that I inherited with the house, not sure what it is, but it blooms almost non-stop. Smells very lemony. If you know what it might be, please let me know.

Chinese fringe flower, not blooming , but I just love this plant for the fall colors it puts out. I mean, there must be a dozen colors of leaves on this plant. Just gorgeous. I had my son and niece pick leaves from this plant and do leaf art this last week.

The fountain grasses, still showing off their plumes.

The star of the show right now is the Mexican Mint Marigold, splashing yellow blooms all across my flower bed in front.
I have it matched up with purple verbena and they seem to like each other.

Yaupon holly already has a ton of berries all over, many of which I will cut to weave in our xmas wreathes.

My Texas Sage put on a surprise show this last week. Nothing like the one in September
but still a nice addition with the lavender against the blue-green foliage.

My buttercream lantana continues to bloom in the driveway bed. I just love the pale yellow blooms in contrast to the louder colors of other lantanas. I know, some don’t like lantana, but I find it to be such a reliable bloomer and so deer resistant, that I like to grow it in the quieter colors like white and pale yellow.

My Mexican Oregano that I put in this summer when we had so much rain is still blooming. Another deer resistant plant and prolific bloomer, I have seen this in my neighborhood growing as giant shrubs. Mine are still itty bitty, but they always seem to have blooms. And I love the smell.

And the stalks of the Gulf Muehly are still just plain gorgeous. A luscious, smoky sight to greet me whenever I drive in or out of our driveway.

And finally, one thing that is NOT growing in my garden…the grass that I killed to create a new bed.
This is a side yard rarely used (although it was the sight for my “Bugs in the Garden” photo shoot). It’s dead, dead, dead. I’m going to just plant a lot of native, low-maintenance plants here. A question to all of you- can I just leave the grass dead on top instead of tilling and covering with newspaper? My thought is that the dead grass would act to stop any weed seeds from germinating and slowly decompose. Is there any danger that it will come alive again?

>Out on sick leave…

>Sickness has struck via my baby. In the past few days, she has vomited, had diarrhea, ear infections in both ears, pink eye in both eyes, and general crankiness all around. Her dad joined her in vomiting and her mom joined her in tummy grumpiness. So she has been at home all week with me and I…have gotten absolutely nothing done.

Yes, my garden is still growing (except for the grass I killed to create a new bed :)) But I’ll have to wait on more extensive updates until I have more than 30 seconds of peace before baby needs to be picked up.