>Out on sick leave…

>Sickness has struck via my baby. In the past few days, she has vomited, had diarrhea, ear infections in both ears, pink eye in both eyes, and general crankiness all around. Her dad joined her in vomiting and her mom joined her in tummy grumpiness. So she has been at home all week with me and I…have gotten absolutely nothing done.

Yes, my garden is still growing (except for the grass I killed to create a new bed :)) But I’ll have to wait on more extensive updates until I have more than 30 seconds of peace before baby needs to be picked up.


One thought on “>Out on sick leave…

  1. >Oh Bonnie, you poor girl – and from the symptom list you’re probably overwhelmed with laundry, too. If your girl is like mine was, she’ll bounce back and be into everything while you’re still dragging around. Well the weather looks pretty stable right now so the garden will wait for you. Annie at the Transplantable RosePS I’ve been thinking about your rose companions – I’ve seen herby things like lavender and thyme with roses – and blue daze/Evolvolus with shorter roses. What looks good may depend on how big the rose is.

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