>December 2007 Bloom Day

>It’s that time again already. Spurred on by May Dreams Gardens to post about what is blooming in our garden, a typical year would have me saying “not much”. But this year in Austin has been anything but typical. This week alone has been more than bizarre. Wearing shorts one morning and having it drop 20 degrees in 2 hours. Cloudy and humid one day, sunny and violently windy another. Right now finds me at my computer with a fire roaring downstairs as the temp is dropping below freezing in the next 24 hours, so plants are covered and sprinkler system is drained. This will be the first freeze I have seen if it comes to be.

As far as blooming, I snuck out today while the baby was sleeping to snap a few pictures. My neighbors, out walking, gave me strange looks as they saw me in my slippers dashing around the house, crouching and snapping pictures. I knew I was on borrowed time, so I couldn’t even stop to explain myself.

The first thing that caught my eye today was a camellia on the back porch.

I inherited this potted camellia when I moved into the house and have moved it around quite a bit. I haven’t had much luck with the blooms and I think it probably is time to move it from the pot to the ground. But this year, it has buds all over it. Looks like it just made the cutoff for Bloom Day with the petals just showing.

Next up is my yellow climbing rose. Also inherited, this honey of a rose smells beautiful and just does not stop blooming…ever…even in winter…even in summer. Go baby go, is all I have to say.
My eye was caught by a number of white blooms below my yellow rose. An “iceberg” climber I brought from my old house that has never performed well for me. Seems the crazy weather agrees with it.

In fact, what the heck is going on in my garden. Lo and behold, a beautiful gerbera daisy just won’t quit.

Don’t they know it is winter? I mean, I know the weather is loco but c’mon.

At least the purple coneflower knows when it is time to go to bed. It is just losing the last of it’s color, a lone flower that sprouted up after I had cut back some larger blooms.

Vinca, still going strong since the summer, although this should be the night to do them in, so I send them off with this picture

saying That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

My mutabilis rose is the only one with a bloom right now.
You can see the beautiful multi-colored bloom already, even not yet open. As it opens it will be yellow then go to orange and then pink. Truly wonderful to see a profusion of blooms in the kaleidescope of colors. But I love the lone bud as well.

And next…ahhhh…nandina. I hate it, I love it, I hate it. OK, really the one time I don’t hate this plant is right now.

It has some beautiful color to it and the berries rock. But otherwise, I hate this invasive SOB with a passion. Can’t stop it from spreading and it is a bear to dig up. But look, so pretty in the picture. But…grrr!

As I dashed around my side yard, I was stopped in my tracks. I normally wouldn’t look in my septic drain field/wildflower garden. But something was out there.

Scarlet sage, coming up in quite a few spots.

And what is this, something else

Not from my original wildflower mix that I seeded. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better picture to study later to ID it, but I was due inside. I think perhaps a type of sunflower that may have gotten there from some seed packets I tossed out there.

Making a quick trip through the front yard, I noticed my verbena and mexican mint marigold still continuing their show from last month.

They make a lovely backdrop for our parade of penguins holiday display.

The beds at the driveway still show some great color.

Buttercream lantana with Gulf Muehly as a backdrop. Man, I love that grass. Then some Mexican bush sage coming back from the cutting I gave it about 6 weeks ago.
and finally mexican oregano, slowly growing and steadily performing with it’s lavender cigar-shaped blooms and wonderful smell.

And finally, a dash into the garden showed my peas, finally flowering and loving their trellis home

Lots to see here, but with tonight’s freeze, I might be saying “so long and thanks for the joy” to many of them.


11 thoughts on “>December 2007 Bloom Day

  1. >The roses have been beautiful so far this December, haven’t they? I hope this weekend’s freezes don’t set them back too much.I like your buttercream lantana. I’m not usually a big fan of lantana but I do like buttery yellows so I could become a convert.mss @ Zanthan Gardens

  2. >I hope the blooms survive your freeze. I’ve never seen so much bloom in December, as in the Austin gardens. Just amazing.Stay warm,Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Pam @ Digging says:I’ll echo MSS and say hooray for roses. I still love your unknown yellow rose that won’t stop. Your parade of penguins near the Mexican mint marigold—so sunny!—just cracked me up. Those penguins may finally get a taste of cold weather tonight, eh?

  4. >Thanks for sharing your garden photos for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.I can just see your neighbors viewing you in your slippers snapping photos ! Very funny.You’ve still got a lot of stuff left. Here in Chicago the snow is piling up to about 8 inches so we’re now hibernating.

  5. >Such a lot of lovely blooms in your garden in December, wonderful! I’m learning a lot about that crazy climate you have in Austin. ;-)I hope the frost won’t kill off all your blooms!BTW your penguins cracked me up, so funny!

  6. >Oh my goodness, you have an abundance of outdoor blooms. It’s like a totally different world compared to living up north. We’ve had winter for two months already so you can imagine how difficult it is to imagine such warmth and blooms! Lovely, really lovely.Diane, Sand to GlassAlberta – Canada

  7. >The penguins are kind of surreal with the garden looking more like summer than winter. I think your weather may just be weirder than that of the Midwest (and that’s saying something). I love your yellow rose of Texas!

  8. >Beautifull gerbera daysies. I’ve never tryed them here, but after seeing them in your garden (where you grow so many of the plants I also grow here) I think I’m willing to try them

  9. >Are your peas edible pod peas or sweet peas? I’ve never tried them in the fall here in South Carolina – but after seeing yours, I want to! It has been a crazy fall, hasn’t it? We just had our first hard frost/freeze a night ago – which was only a week or so late according to the averages, but it’s more how warm it’s been. Crazy warm.

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