>Hello Darling!

>My camellia finally came out of hiding. It’s been teasing me day after day with a snail-like pace of opening. Two days ago, this is what I saw

and then today, I rushed out to check it out and behold…

You might recall I have not seen this camellia bloom since we inherited it in the move two years ago. It was potted and would bud but then lose all the buds. I have recently transplanted it and , bottom line, learned a bit more about camellia and the conditions they like. I believe I was overwatering it before and I finally gave it a full shady spot this year so as not to scorch it. And it has thanked me by showing this beautiful bloom and having about 25 more buds waiting to open.

Thank you, precious plant. Sorry it took me so long to figure you out!


3 thoughts on “>Hello Darling!

  1. >What a lovely color that camellia has, Bonnie – much more delicate than the deep, hot pink mine will show when the buds open. Have fun with the 25 flowers! Happy 2008 from Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >cammelia is such a beauty!!I love it.Here in Poland it can be grown only as house plant – I tried one, but killed it :(yours is awsome, and picture is underlining the fragility of flower…it is nice to visit your blog – I came for the first time from Anne/My Dreams Graden.Greetings,

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