>January Bloom Day- -Late Post!

>I was in bed yesterday nursing what I feared might be strep throat, so I missed the posting for January Bloom Day. But I thought I would just post a bit late (good news, throat is on the mend!).

My new beds are finally planted (although I have yet to reveal them in a post). One of the plants in the bed off my patio is a dwarf pomegranate. It’s little waxy flowers are so bright and cheerful on a gray day like today.

My yellow rose is taking a break but a tiny white climber that I brought from my old house is loving the cold weather.

Interesting that the exact same bush has this flower, a bit pinker in its infancy

I couldn’t resist buying this beautiful deep red lantana to put in the new bed along the driveway. They are such reliable bloomers and this color is so unusual

I saw this iris bloom yesterday and was so excited to include it. But the rains pummeled it last night so it is looking a bit worse for wear.

My camellia bush continues to open blooms one after another, just lining up to show their itty bitty pink faces

And dang, if I can’t get a crystal clear photo of these blooms. This one was just gorgeous light pink with a hint of yellow. I’ll try again tomorrow

The Mutabilis rose is the only one blooming right now but it has about 6 flowers right now and a few more buds, of course all in different colors ranging from light pink to yellow. This color change is the trademark of the Mutabilis rose.

This “bloomer” is showing off right now. Nandina is full of berries just glowing and nestled in it’s dramatic foliage.

In the vegetable garden, I have lettuces and chards growing. But the peas are the bloomers right now.

Climbing their livestock panel trellis, they are sending out blooms which quickly turn into peas.

I question whether I will have enough to actually serve in a meal, but even if not, they are fun to munch straight from the vine.

The weather will turn colder end of this week, temps down below freezing at night for a few nights. We have been in the 60s and 70s during the day, but our next few days will be 40s and 50s.


11 thoughts on “>January Bloom Day- -Late Post!

  1. >Wow to those peas! When do you sow the seeds where you live? It has been a struggle to grow them here in zone 7 TN, getting too hot too quickly for a good crop. Enjoyed the entire post, and love a good lantana. They aren’t hardy here but grow and bloom so quickly they make a great annual for color.

  2. > Hi Frances, thanks for visiting. We are similar to you in that we have to plant cool season crops quickly to get a crop before the warm weather gets to be too much for them. I put my peas in the ground in December, after we got some good solid cool weather. This month, I’ll plant beets to get them going and get a good crop.

  3. >Bonnie, you Austin gardeners all have such wonderful flowers in your January gardens. Roses, camellias… and now I’m hungry for fresh peas. I rarely get enough peas to serve with a meal so I just eat them like candy straight from the pod while working in the garden.Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. >Hi Bonnie! So many beatiful flowers!! We have many plants common in our gardens like pomegranate, lantana, roses, peas… but I would also like to grow Camelia and Iris…both th flowers look lovely!!Thanks for sharing,Best Wishes

  5. >The peas are beautiful! And I love your trellis. I have parsley and leeks in the garden but didn’t have the energy to do a fall planting this year since we had soooooo much summer! Maybe you had Cedar Fever yesterday – I’m on the tail end of a cold I caught from my daughter. Glad we took our bloom pictures already since we are actually getting some winter this week here in Austin!

  6. >We have such a tiny vegetable plot that I haven’t even tried to grow peas, but those blossoms are tempting, Bonnie. We have some plants in common, but yours are still in flower while my mutabilis and iris buds were frozen and my pomegranate has no leaves, let alone lovely orange flowers! I hope you continue to mend and that the kids are well, too. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. >Hi Bonnie: Glad you are feeling better. thanks for the walk through your pretty blooms. All those roses in varied colors are a delight. This might be a dumb ??but—Does your dwarf pomegranate produce the fruit with the same name? The bloom is very nice on it!I thought I had every color of lantana in my garden but I don’t have red and now I want it after seeing yours. They are great butterfly attractors too. I am a sucker for the red berries on the Nandina… I love anything with bright berries… how nice for you that you have them right there in your garden.

  8. >I’m really surprised that your pomegranate is blooming at this time of year. My ‘Wonderful’ pomegranate blooms in the spring, and the flowers look pretty different—more like a carnation’s flower. Interesting.

  9. >Another of you Austin gardeners! Man….you do make it tempting! Thanks for visiting and your kind words, Bonnie, and now I have ANOTHER delightful blog to read. I’m especially enamoured of lantana, which of course we grow as an annual but which I adore (and so do butterflies and bees) It’s really lovely to see these blooms when everything here is snow-covered.

  10. >Meems, yes, it does produce fruit. I just love the sight, too. This small little 3 ft bush with these large pomegranates hanging off of it! But the bloom are what I really enjoy. I know what you mean about red flowers. There is just something about that rich color in the garden. Especially this time of year, that makes me just want to stare at it all day. I think a true red rose will be my next addition. Pam, my pomegranate may be an anomaly. I just bought it at Barton Springs Nursery so who know what coveted conditions it was growing in. I have another one that has been in my meadow and it is NOT blooming right now, and has always bloomed in the spring like yours. So, we’ll see.

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