>A new romance

>My love affair with my camellia continues. Since this is my first winter where I have the camellia to brighten up my day, I find myself entranced with it, seeing all of these new blooms everyday and the old ones fading to a dusty pink with washes of gold as the petals die. And I find it so hard to fathom that this little bush loves winter weather, loves the “almost” freezes that we have been getting. To see color like this in winter just melts my brain-makes me want to start planting all sorts of things.

Enough talk, let’s gaze…

OK, I’ve had my fix for the day.


10 thoughts on “>A new romance

  1. >Your camellia does look great, Bonnie – quite cheering on a cold damp January day. But “almost freezes”? Up here in NW Austin we’ve had lows of 26 degrees a couple of times which is a real freeze. Is it warmer on your end of town? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >That was a nice fix of color and bloom. In January. Here in my garden at least the sun has been shining, which makes the little bit of snow we have look like it is made of diamond dust, all glittery. But it is cold.Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Thats a very lovely delicate pink flower-I definitely see why it will give you joy every day. I feel th same way when I walk into my garden in the morning and see new blooms.

  4. >I have a camellia that I’ve yet to see bloom. It lives indoors, but I’ve heard it can stay outside. I put it out last summer, but brought it back in. Maybe, I’ll try leaving it outdoors next winter.Loved the blooms.

  5. >Oh – they are so lovely, I want some! THAT’s what garden blogging is all about, isn’t it? Coveting they neighbor’s plants and getting ideas and SHOPPING (my favorite!). Where do you have them planted and what do they like as far as conditions go? Thanks for sharing!

  6. >Thanks for the beautiful pictures. We had them in CA, but so far in TX I’ve just admired them from afar. Time to be brave and plant them here! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. >I am amazed that Camellias bloom when it is near freezing. The blooms look so delicate, yet they seem to thrive in cold weather. It’s a bit too cold for them here unfortunately!Enjoy your blooms. How long do they last?

  8. >Oh – I want a Camellia — what do they need? lots of sun like roses? I’ve got to find a spot for one now that I’ve been looking at yours – they are lovely!

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