>More inspiring content than mine…with a lot less phlegm!

>It’s nasty here…kids have been home all week with the flu which also struck both me and my husband. Nothing worse than taking care of sick kids while you are sick. We surely would have perished if not for my mother-in-law dropping off provisions each night.

But take a look at Vicki at Playin’ Outside who’s writing some really inspiring content on rainwater harvesting. I know, “no thanks, it’s not for me. But you’ve got to check Vicki’s harvesting adventure out. She just rolled a 1600 gallon tank into her backyard, for goodness sake. I’m hooked. It’s my new reality show!


2 thoughts on “>More inspiring content than mine…with a lot less phlegm!

  1. >Oooohhh…you’re right, there IS nothing worse than a whole sick family at once. I hope you’re all feeling better very soon!

  2. >I read Vicki’s blog and looked at that huge tank last night and LOL! I can just imagine the neighbors FREAKING out! But my husband and I have talked about it and we used to have 3 barrels (a proverbial drop in the bucket). Here I think we could actually put a tank in where no one would see it, so I am intrigued and closely following her story. You’re too funny – it IS like gardening reality TV! Hope you are all feeling better soon. The sick season has got to end sometime soon….I’ll cross my fingers for you.

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