>February Bloom Day

>February bloom day already?? OK Carol. I’ll get on it.

I’m almost to the point where I can work in the yard without collapsing into a hacking fit, after battling the flu and a sinus infection. The flu has swept through Austin like gangbusters this year. And apparently it all seems to be a strain not contained in the flu shot. Lovely.

But back to what I was saying…oh yeah, no hacking. So faced with that and the impending doom of a rainy windy weekend, today was the day to dash out and see what is blooming.

My camellia is still going strong. Lovely pink to orangish-pink flowers all over and buds following that. So looks like I have a few more weeks of camellia joy.

My mutabilis rose has two blooms on them. One a pale pink and one a dark pink. Just showing you the color change that happens on mutabilis, ranging from dark pink to white.

Nandina continues to sport berries all over.

As does the yaupon tree out front.

A red salvia in my front yard is giving me some scarlet blooms.

Finally, my lorepetelum (Chinese fringe flower)have bloomed. I have both a plum and green leaf variety. And I have them alternating in my front bed. I always feel like the plant has just broken out into fiesta when it blooms as it reminds me of those Mexican paper poppers that explode streamers when you pop them.

As I said, rain and wind this weekend in Austin. Fine with me as we could use a little rain to distance ourselves from the wildfire risk we have been under because of dry conditions.


16 thoughts on “>February Bloom Day

  1. >Bonnie, we may have many of the same plants [and possibly the same brick!] but you’re soooo ahead on blooms~ Red salvia? Mutabilis? Loro-friggin-petalum? It was fun to see all of them. It’s good to know you’re finally getting over that flu everyone is talking about because you wouldn’t want to miss any spring fun. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >What a great flower that camellia is. We sure can’t grow that here.Happy to hear you are doing better, that flu is hitting people here in Indianapolis, too.Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Thanks for sharing your blooms today, Bonnie. You even have roses! Fantastic. I hope you feel better soon, and that you get the rain you need. I wish we could send you some of ours!

  4. >You won me over with the camellia and the Mutabilis, Bonnie. I have neither but sure wish I did. Can’t believe you have a salvia blooming already. I just cut mine back today, as well as my roses. Next bloom day, perhaps!

  5. >I’m very interested in comparing the different palettes of all our gardens. Almost all my winter flowers are white (which I like because I started out with a lot of nandina too and white worked well with red). But you and Pam seem to have Valentine Day’s gardens drenched in pinks. Do camellias grow well in Austin? I thought they required more acidic soil.

  6. >I love your camellias, too, and was sorely tempted on my trip to Pots and Plants for Spring Fling business. I will probably go back and get one – they are so beautiful. I’m with MSS — is it hard to care for here? I seems so delicate, yet it’s blooming beautifully for you here in the dead of winter – amazing. My loropetalum is my punier than yours and there is no sign of salvia bloom in my garden! Hard to believe we live in the same town sometimes, isn’t it? Hope you get over the never-ending, end-of-sinus hacking soon. Did you get any Duraphen Forte from the doc? Anti-coughing pill and it works – really. You will actually get to sleep at night for a change with this stuff. Sorry, I’m on my med bandwagon, but hey, when you have sinus/bronchitis issues and you find something that works you want to shout it from the rooftops. ; – )Take care.

  7. >I’ve had all my family down with the flu this week too. Luckily I’ve escaped so far – hope it goes on that way.Your camellia is beautiful. I want one!Hope you’re feeling better now.

  8. >What a beautiful camelia – I don’t think we can grow them in deep south Texas so I’ll have to enjoy yours – But what i’m really jealous of is all the berries on your Yaupon Holly. I planted FIVE yaupons three years ago and have not had one single berry. ‘Pride of Houston’ is supposed to be a self-pollinating one – but I’ve had no luck. Love your pictures

  9. >Ha! Look at those flowers and berries! That Camellia is gorgeous…mine is so young that I can not even begin to dream about it blooming anytime soon…

  10. >The flu has hit a lot of people very hard this year, I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering. I think I want a Chinese Fringe flower now!

  11. >So shade is the secret…darn tags on plants! WRONG it is! I think I will put mine on the back porch where we receive the morning sun and not the afternoon-scolding summer sun.

  12. >Dear Bonnie, the Camellia looks pretty in pink.The Nandina berry too looks very interesting to me.I hope you are feeling better now and I wish you good health in the coming season.

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