>The scent of spring

>It just permeates the air this time of year. Spring! It is everywhere I look and my green thumb is getting itchy. I can’t look around as I walk in the grocery store these days as they have displays of plants for sale outside. Impulse buying of plants is one of my seven deadly sins!

But I revel in walking around my yard, peeking under mulch to see if that plant that has looked long dead through the winter has sprung a sprout. That’s really a huge part of it- I feel, like I am playing the lottery and I’m waiting to see if my little number ball shoots up through the tube into the holder. Is that plant alive…could that be a hint of a bud on it’s branch…Yes! The Number 5 ball!

Sometimes you win…like with a transplanted salvia

Sometimes you lose…like with the salvia right next to it

My iris have just started emerging, making me wait so long I swore I had killed them with my divisions this summer…but no, they waited just long enough to make me sweat and then, surprise, we’re here…where’s the party?

The pink skullcap transplanted from my front bed into the new bed in back was dubious. The stuff looked so spindly all through the winter but, peekaboo, there it was one day.

Rock rose, chewed to near-death by the deer in the driveway bed, I thought for sure was a goner. I mean, how can you survive being the main course for 6 months? But there it was, finding life despite the gobs of deer saliva probably caked on it

Bachelors buttons, sprung from seed I threw in a little trough in the winter. This brings up one of my least favorite gardening activities…thinning. Just to utter it makes me feel like the god-like creature choosing who lives and who dies. Here you see the aftermath- the sad “thinned” and the “survivors” who may go on to win big money if they don’t get kicked off the island

You know, it makes it clear I should never be on one of those shows where it might come down to me choosing who has to get kicked off. I would be the loser who would say “I can’t do it. Just kick me off instead!” Like that guy on Project Runway…oh, stop it…you know you watch that show.

Oh, here’s one of my favorite “Life” photos. My Texas Star hibiscus. Has always been in a pot and just gets huge every year so I finally transplanted it into the ground to give it all the room in the world. Again, thoughts run through my head, “Did I kill it? Dang, I killed it…should have left it in the pot.” But hello honey, here you come!

And the even more dramatic close-up, which looks like big trees coming out of the ground

OK, other shots. Typical spring shot of trees budding

I know, yawn. But how many of you have the cactus budding shots?
Prickly pear

and a cactus I have not specifically identified but I love the new red growth it gets in the spring.

So take deep breaths and get all that springtime air into your lungs. If it’s not already surprising you above ground, your new growth is lurking below, ready for its debut.


4 thoughts on “>The scent of spring

  1. >That was good to see life after you thought you had killed those plants, you seem to be very involved emotionally with them. ;-> But I feel your pain with the seedlings, they are just BABIES for goodness sakes!Frances at Faire Garden

  2. >Oh my goodness, my poor vegetable garden. I can never bring myself to thin like I’m supposed to. Inevitably, the two best-growing seedlings are right next to each other, and I can’t choose between them!I’m hopeless, truly.Rachel @ in bloom

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