>Myster Vine ID

>OK, all my gardening friends-
here are some more pictures of my mystery vine from bloom day that I was too lightheaded from plant shopping to remember to write down the name of. It is now blooming and has gorgeous pinkish buds that open to white, intensely-sweet flowers. I don’t think the flowers look much like honeysuckle. The leaves are not as dark green, waxy and thick as confederate (star) jasmine, but the flowers are similar.

Perhaps a pink jasmine?



13 thoughts on “>Myster Vine ID

  1. >Along with Vanillalotus it looks like Pink jasmine to me, too, Bonnie. There’s so much variation in Austin gardens – you read that this plant is a thug in one location but freezes out in other parts of town!Yours looks like it likes to live with you ;-] Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >It pretty sure it is a jasmine – I saw it in the store the other day, too, but don’t remember the specific name. They had them at the big box and at the Great Outdoors, too. It’s lovely — I wonder how long it blooms around here?

  3. >I also believe it is a Pink Jasmine- I bought one at a Big Box store once (the tag said it was a star jasmine – it so was not!)I put it in the ground and after 4 years it is exactly 2 feet tall! It HATES my Alkaline soil.

  4. >A pink jasmine – perhaps it is… Not that I’ve ever seen one – only whites – but I don’t think it resembles a honeysuckle. Anyway – it’s beautiful!Happy Easter! /Katarina

  5. >Oh, I like this vine. I’m guessing from the comments that it’s a pink jasmine, and I’m definitely going to keep my eye out and see if I can find some for myself!

  6. >It’s a jasmine, that much I’m sure of. Had one like that too with pink buds but white flowers and a wonderul scent too. But mine grew in my conservatory and yours outside I see. Lucky you!

  7. >Beautiful! Judging from the pictures I’ve seen I’d also say it’s jasmine. Although I could only grow it here as a house plant, I’ve always wanted one. They have a heavenly aroma!

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