>It’s a buggy world

>And thank god I have a new blog to watch for tips on dealing with bugs. Wizzie Brown, the Travis County Extension Pet Expert, has just started a blog dispensing her wonderful advice. This week- Fire Ants. For those non-Texans, probably not something you want to hear about. But for those of us who deal with these buggers all the time and have had the misfortune of being stung, check out Wizzie’s advice. Who knew fire ant bait could go bad!


3 thoughts on “>It’s a buggy world

  1. >Ooh – I’ll check it right out. I need all the help I can get with those pesky fire ants. If there is ONE lone fire ant in my yard, it will hunt me down and nail me. So, I’ve resigned myself to garden with gloves and socks most of the time. Thanks for the great site tip.

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