>Can’t get enough…

>I know we’re not even at the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling yet, which promises to be a wonderful day of gardening with people I have never met but seem to know all to well. But another event is coming up that I especially want to let the Austin bloggers know about.

Inside Austin Gardens is the Travis County Master Gardener Association sponsored tour. The tour takes place Saturday April 19, one day only, from 9-4. The tour this year is devoted to the principals of sustainable gardening. It’s a great tour of some radically different gardens and includes tons of education demonstrations and plant sales (and who of us can resist that?)

This pretty well sums it up on the event homepage:

Much has been written about sustainable gardening, and many different organizations are using the term. However, the planners of this year’s tour made the decision to present gardens that amply demonstrate the elements of integrated, sustainable gardening. The gardens selected represent life long projects by our gardeners, represent a way of living, and have all incorporated features that are earth friendly, bio diverse, and incorporate vegetable, fruit or nut production in conjunction with just beautiful flowers. There is no grass in these unique back yards; rather paths and walk ways, the incorporation of major raised beds, composting on site, judicial use of water systems, and plants with a sense of place and time. … There will be talks on becoming a Green Garden designated site, rain water collection systems, drip irrigation, composting, beneficial insects, backyard vegetable production, bulb selection, butterfly promotion, and alternatives to grass.

For more information, please see Inside Austin Gardens


3 thoughts on “>Can’t get enough…

  1. >Thanks for publicizing this event. I’m always so out of the loop that I never find out about cool garden tours until I see all the delicious photographs that people post on their blogs after the fact.

  2. >Sounds fascinating — I’m really interested in rainwater collection, too. That would make 4 weekends in a row with gardening highlights – how fun.

  3. >Thanks for posting about this– I always seem to hear about the cool garden tours after they’re over! I’m definitely going to be at this one. Maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂

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