>Gotta post

>OK, I just can’t help it but post. I have just arrived home from our Friday night welcome dinner at Matt’s El Rancho, a great old Austin Mexican restaurant here in town.
What a blast!

We probably had about 40 people at dinner, many more spouses and significant others than I expected. Everyone dove right in when arriving, spotting those of us in the entrance with nametags and we immediately got to talking. And I don’t think we stopped the entire time. I was sitting with Laura, Diana, Nancy and Robin and had some great discussions about blogging, gardening and our excitement about the weekend. We had all of the spouses make up their own titles for nametags. They did quite a good job, including “Labor for [blog name]”, “I lift heavy things”, “I don’t garden, I don’t blog”, and “Financier”. God bless these guys and gals who humor our hobby of gardening and blogging and the crazy mixture that is garden blogging, and being supportive enough to come on a trip to meet people their spouses know, but don’t know face-to-face.

Looking forward to more time with this fun group tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “>Gotta post

  1. >Bonnie,Thank you for driving me around and being an absolutely gracious hostess..it was just the most fun I’ve had with a group of relative strangers in the longest time.I am still digesting everything…including more food than I normally eat in a week.The spouses were dear, weren’t they?Gail

  2. >Hee! I missed the dinner on Friday, but your description of the long-suffering spouses cracked me up!It was great to meet you on Saturday!

  3. >hi! i am finally home and i miss you! that was the best weekend i have had in a long time–and i am usually not the type to want to meet 35 strangers!! i have a great picture of us that i’ll get to you soon. thanks so much for a great time!

  4. >It was fun to meet you, Bonnie- we Austin bloggers had many first-time encounters, too! A good sense of humor is probably a requirement for happy living with a garden blogger – we do tend to get just a tad obsessed. Thank you for all that you did to make Spring Fling happen. Annie at the Tranplantable Rose

  5. >Sorry I missed the Friday night dinner. Sounds like a riot. I was so happy to have met you, Bonnie. Thanks for working hard to make the Spring Fling a success. Everyone had a lovely time!~Dawn

  6. >Hey Bonnie,I’m so glad we got to spend some time together in Austin. If you asked me for anything while we were at Matt’s, you’ll have to email me, cause I didn’t hear a thing anyone said! Didn’t we have fun?Great to meet you. See you in Chicago!Robin at Bumblebee

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