>April Bloom Day

>It’s Bloom Day again, as demanded by Carol at May Dreams Gardens (darn her for making us all feel like a community!)

So here’s the rundown here at Casa Bonnie.

My pride this month in the garden is the blooming Confederate Jasmine

Here’s a closer look. This vine smells amazing and I have two of them that I have had for years, transferring them from our old house, and now have them making their way up some deck supports right off the patio.

Here’s the camellia making what I fear to be her last appearance on Bloom Day for a while

She has done a bang-up job of blooming this year, more than all past years combined and I hope her new home in the ground makes her happy for future years.

My roses are almost all blooming. Lady Hillingdon, Madame Antoine Mari, Mutabilis. And here is one of the brightest, Knockout.

Oh, good lord, I hope that didn’t burn your retina. I didn’t realize the sunlight made the red color so hot.

And among my roses, how could I forget Peggy Martin, a symbol of life reemerging after Hurricane Katrina

This is her first bloom for me and I like what I see.

My wildflower garden atop my septic drainage field is in bloom. Right now it is overwhelmingly pink primrose

but I see some other late spring/summer bloomers making their way out. But I love the soft pink of primrose.

The other flowers that I love to see strolling in my yard are the ones I never planted. We have some wooded parts to our lot and I often find little blooms here and there. Rain lily, verbena, yucca, daisies, garlic…

and this vine that grows all over the non-landscaped areas. I finally IDed it when I saw it last year as milkweed vine, also called pearl milkweed. The flower is simply one of the most gorgeous things I have seen. So simple green with a gorgeous silver center.

OK, back to the garden I actually have control over.
Purple columbine, the first time it has bloomed for me

The red columbine in front of it is still shut tight, looking like a crown

My climbing rose, Golden Showers, filled with blooms and buds all over.

Among others in bloom, red and white salvia, salvia Royal Spires, verbena, gerbera daisy (just one bloom so far!) and my dwarf pomegranate.

Finally, in the garden, my strawberry patch is hiding lovely red jewels among the leaves.

Happy blooms to all of you!


14 thoughts on “>April Bloom Day

  1. >HA! I’m the first one here today! I love, love, love the purple and red columbines. They are so impressive. And that milkweed is too cute. Enjoy the strawberries and Happy GBBD.

  2. >I love the confederate jasmine. My neighbors escaped into my yard so I get to enjoy it too.Those little green flowers are cool. Green flowers are so rare.

  3. >We seem to have a lot in common. I opened with Confederate jasmine, too. My husband’s son planted ours ten years ago and as he’s here for Spring Break this week, I’m glad it’s in full bloom. It’s my favorite scent of all, I think.You have entirely different roses than I do…I’ve always been interested in ‘Lady Hillingdon’ so you’ll have to tell me more about your experience with it.Everything looks lovely!

  4. >I love your post. “Demanded”? I don’t know about that, but I love the garden blogging community and especially meeting so many at the spring fling. I want a Confederate jasmine! I want some woodland on my lot! Seeing all these blooms is making me want spring to hurry up!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. >Your purple columbine is so different around here—very pretty! I heard Bill Welch talk about the Peggy Martin rose recently, and the photo of it draped on the fence, along with its amazing survival story, made me want to try it.

  6. >All of your blooms are beautiful, Bonnie, and that milkweed vine is absolutely wow. What a great find. And you’re another one with ripe strawberries already, huh? We have another 6 weeks to wait, at least. Happy Bloom Day!

  7. >Hello Bonnie, It was fun to meet the community builder in person, wasn’t it! We are so lucky to be able to grow confederate jasmine here – mine is on the front porch and I now want one to grow in the back… oh that scent! Thank you for the link to the story of Peggy Martin – so full of heartbreak but with this symbol of hope remaining. I hope your Peggy blooms long and well. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. >I just bought the Peggy Martin rose and it is blooming for me even though it is a tiny little thing. I’ve killed so many confederate jasmines but I’m determined to have one. I think I have found the answer with “Madison” a cultivar that is supposed to be a tad hardier. It survived the winter and I’m thrilled.

  9. >Oooooh, you have Madame Antoine Mari? I’ve been seriously considering that one, but I’ve been wary since I didn’t know anyone who could tell me the pro/con aspects of it. How much/often does it bloom? How healthy is it? Fragrant? Any particular quirks for this rose? 🙂

  10. >What a lively garden you have, Bonnie! I didn’t even know that purple columbine existed. Fantastic! And those strawberries are making my mouth water just looking at them.

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