>I had heard of shrimp plant, but blue shrimp plant? I’d never heard of it, much less seen it. But here it was, cerinthe major purpurascens, for sale on ebay, when I was buying poppy seeds for my meadow. And the pictures, breathtaking. The deep blue color of the shrimp. The blueish-green of the leaves. And almost 100% germination from the seeds. I bit and bought. And now I have shrimp plant leaves emerging in my garden.

We’ll follow this plant story as it develops. And who knows, I may have seeds to share next season with all of you!


7 thoughts on “>Blue?

  1. >Hi Bonnie, we bit also, only at Target, and bought seeds. They did germinate quickly and are so big. I am putting them into containers here, don’t know anything about their growing habit but am hoping for those luscious blooms. Looking forward to seeing how your do. Keep us posted!Frances at Faire Garden

  2. >So, you have to put the link in there so we can go and see all the pretty eye candy and get sucked into the plant-buying vortex just like you? WHAT were you thinking! It’s not like I need any help tempting me to buy more exotic or expensive plants. BTW – it’s beautiful – show us pictures when it blooms, and yes, I’ll stand in line for seeds!

  3. >BLUE shrimp plant? Must! Have! Now! OMG.It’s too bad I just spent all of my money on dirt. Instead, I will be watching this space for more eye candy!

  4. >wow-amazing! i had never heard of or seen blue shrimp plant either–i can’t wait to see pics of it in your garden. i will be in the seed line also… i also love the “fruit cocktail” variety but have never had great success gettting it to flourish. i think i always try to give them too much sun. do you have yours in part shade?

  5. >Blue shrimp plant! No way can I take care of a shrimp plant in Tennessee! BUt it is a fabulous color! I want to know what poppy seeds you got! I am crazy about poppies after visiting Austin…;) Gail

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