>Do I really need another baby?

>I had an unexpected visitor this morning. Jack discovered a newborn deer this morning right off of our driveway. A squirrel was fussing at something and jack noticed. I saw the squirrel looking at the ground and paying no attention to me and thought for sure there was a snake over there. So I snuck over and lo and behold.

Do you see it? Here it is a bit closer.

Here it is from the other side

The mommy will usually take off for a little while, probably to search out a deer pub where she can have a stiff drink before she returns to motherhood. My web search about mommy deer behavior turned up the following:

If you find a deer fawn that appears to be abandoned, remember that deer fawns are born with natural camouflage and a lack of scent. In the first few days of their lives, the newborns are not mobile enough to travel with their mothers. As a defensive tactic to keep nearby predators away from the newborns location, the mothers will often leave the young animals alone for long periods of time. During this crucial period the mothers will visit the newborns at least twice a day to feed them. After a few days, the fawns are usually strong enough to join their mothers and the herd, where there’s more protection.


6 thoughts on “>Do I really need another baby?

  1. >Always good advice to leave wild animals be. I like to keep an eye on the situation from afar though, just in case.I’m sure she won’t drink too much before she stumbles back to her babe….

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