>Update on baby deer…

>Baby is gone! Motherhood must have called her back because her baby disappeared from the hiding spot this morning. No signs of any foul play so I assume she came back for baby and they made off for the deer resort that resides in the woods around my house.


2 thoughts on “>Update on baby deer…

  1. >Before I had a serious deer fence, this used to be one of my spring rituals: find the fawn. There was always one (and one year two!) deposited in the un-mown meadow area of my upper “back yard”. Beautiful. Now the does can’t get in and though I miss the spring birth cycle I don’t miss the rest of life with deer. And neither do my plants. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for sharing yours. Austin is a wonderful area and I have several longtime garden friends there, one who used to have a shop called “Garden.” A great spot for growing things I cannot…and for great Mexican food. Yum.Margaret

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