>I’m going to start charging…

>All right, I’ve decided maybe to just officially open a deer birthing center in our side yard as I found another baby deer, which is pretty incredible after the storm we had last night. I can’t imagine being born with hail coming down all around. We’ll wait and see whether the mom shows up.

But I think I could do it. They check in and I show them to the secure fenced in back yard where they can rest and recover predator free except for occasional viewing by kids and maybe a cat or two. I can even give the moms some hot or cold compresses. Of course, I may have a problem with these new moms munching down on my plants whihc until that point had been protected from the deer. You know those new mothers. They have no manners when it comes to food.

Maybe I better rethink this.


10 thoughts on “>I’m going to start charging…

  1. >It does sound as though you’re running a natal care unit for deer, with all this fawning over them. Season’s just about over. The young ‘uns’ll be eating your garden alongside their moms shortly.

  2. >Baby deer are adorable – we had them once in a while at our last house. But Bonnie – don’t forget how cute and helpless those little tiny raptors were in Jurassic Park;-]Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >I have to admit that I do love the deer, despite the fact that they have the nerve to eat my hostas and that I let my little 10 lb dogs chase them away. (There’s no danger of the deer getting caught–or hurt!) I would totally melt at the sight of a baby deer.You know, deer become socialized very very easily. For their own protection I was told that you shouldn’t even try to pet them. They’ll think all humans like them!Robin at Bumblebee

  4. >More pictures, please! The baby you had in the other post was so cute. I’m sure your husband would be up for building you a deer birthing room.-)

  5. >Your deer, my bunnies, maybe we could go in together and open a petting zoo! A friend just found a baby and the Wildlife Rescue people said the mommas leave them for the day and then come back and the babies just lay there and are fine. Seems kinda cold to me!

  6. >baby deer birthing centre! the concept is so alien to me. We do not have deers freely moving near our households, it must be so cute to have these little beauties around.

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