>On the Road- Part I

>Been out of town- I took a trip with my parents and brother to East Texas where my family is from to attend to some family business. But I’m excited to share some wonderful photos , still garden related, from the trip. My first stop was in Dallas where I met up with my parents. Both of my parents are huge influences on my love for gardening and they have built a beautiful landscape at their Dallas home. This time of year is so amazing up there with all they have in bloom.

They have a beautiful rose bed, with a variety of colors. One of my favorites is Tamora, with a wonderful spicy scent.

They planted a small patch of Louisiana irises years ago along a creek behind their house. Well, that patch has grown just a bit and really puts on a showstopper when the purple and yellow irises bloom.

Their japanese maples are all gorgeous right now, contrasted against the green of all of the other plants.

a close up of Bloodgood maple

Join me for my next installment where I’ll take you back to my parent’s small hometowns,some of my their childhood places and family history.


8 thoughts on “>On the Road- Part I

  1. >Thanks Pam. The water next to the Japanese maple is a pool-they have lined it with rocks to keep it very natural looking. The creek where the iris are is beyond the metal fence.

  2. >No, although I did have lovely gardens at every house we lived- usually a new one every 3-5 years. But this house is one that my parents built after I was gone once my father retired. It’s much more refined than the ones I grew up with as there has been so much longer to work on it with no moves on the horizon. I was discussing growing asparagus in the garden with my mom the other day and she said “Oh, I never grew asparagus because I knew you don’t harvest for a few years and I knew we might have to move before I could harvest any.”

  3. >That certainly is beautiful! What a fabulous image of the pool and surrounding greenery. I could just plop right down and have a little glass of something…perhaps doze off…Robin at Bumblebee

  4. >Wow, your parents have such a gorgeous garden! It looks so green and cool. And I’ve gotta admit to some rose-envy– that English rose looks lovely! (Mine right now…the less said, the better.)

  5. >Thanks for the tour. How nice that your parents cultivated your love of gardening and you can walk through their gardens with them now, commenting and sharing the experience.

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