>May 2008 Bloom Day

>I’m actually on time for Bloom Day this month. Lots of color emerging in the yard and everything seems to be growing a foot taller every night.

The confederate jasmine continues to reach up, stretching to reach the deck. The other night, a big wind that we had blew the topmost tendril down so now it has to redo that last stretch up to the floor of the deck

Rock rose is blooming pink in the new bed I created this fall. These rock roses were originally planted in a deer accessible bed and I couldn’t understand why they looked so stunted and never taller than 4 inches. It finally dawned on me that those stumps were actually gnawed ends of the plant and I moved them. I hear them sigh with happiness whenever I visit them.

Coleus, while not technically “blooming”, are such vivid colors that I can’t help but show them

Day lilies. No idea what type. But man, they’re pretty.

Purple clematis. This is one that I transplanted from a pot it had been in for years. Had to literally break the pot to get it out.

Now it’s growing alongside “Golden Showers” rose.

The yellows and oranges have taken over from the pinks in my wildflower/septic field. Here you see sunflowers (no idea which kind, lord knows I’ve thrown dozens of packets out there in a survival of the fittest contest) and Mexican hat now towering over the gentle pink primrose.

A closeup of Mexican Hat

My Rose of Sharon’s first bloom

Red columbine, had no idea what the color would be when I bought them. I ended up with a purple variety and a red. OK then.

Mexican oregano. God, I love this plant. Beautiful shrub. Blooms the whole summer and VERY deer-proof.

And what’s blooming in the veggie garden?
Squash. Lots of squash.

I have both yellow straightneck and patty pan. I saw today that the patty pans are just starting. The little yellows are already making their way onto our dinner menus.

Here are the soyu cucumbers, beginning their climb up the trellis.

Strawberry patch, still going strong.

Other things that are blooming but were not exciting enough in pictures:
Salvia Gregii
Mexican Bush Sage
Blackfoot Daisy
Buttercream Lantana
Narrowleaf Zinnia
Butterfly Iris

I’m looking forward to visiting your blog to see what’s blooming!


15 thoughts on “>May 2008 Bloom Day

  1. >That is a pretty cool trellis! Did you do a post on it? I made an A-frame but need two more and I might try something like this. Thanks for showing us your flowers-and they daylillies are gorgeous!

  2. >Nice closeup of the Mexican hat. I think those yellow “sunflowers” are Engelmann daisies.You will have to share your secret with strawberries. Yours look great. And do you have any secrets for warding off the evil squash borers. My squash are blooming, too but I’ve already seen squash borers flying around trying to lay eggs.

  3. >You have such a nice mix of native flowers and cultivated ones, Bonnie – I love the clematis with the rose and forgot how pretty Mexican hats could look – we don’t have them at this house but they grew in quantity at the last one. You have some great looking squash – squirrels were more dangerous than borers when we grew zucchini. Good luck with whatever comes after them and Happy Blooming Day! Annie at the Transplantble Rose

  4. >I’m envious of your squash flowers and can practically taste the squash. I haven’t even planted my squash yet. All your blooms look great in your garden today, thanks for sharing them with us.Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. >Bonnie,Everything looks wonderful…I have read that Clematis and Roses are good companions but we don’t grow roses..They look happy at your place!The notion of a septic field is delightful….so may possibilities and all involving blooming flowers!Happy Bloom Day.

  6. >Bonnie – wow – that columbine is really something. The red against the white is just beautiful. Do you have it in full shade? I hear your Pavonia sighing with relief — just posted about my encounters with it and the deer and I did the same thing you did. I gave in! I’m surprised you don’t have squash vine borers either. I’ve given up on squash for that reason. Yours look great…

  7. >Great blooms for bloom day. It takes awhile to visit all the gardens doesn’t it! It is summer there already with those squash blooming!

  8. >Your Mexican Oregano is so pretty. The birds insist on tearing mine to shreds to use for their nests. Why my mexican oregano? I have no idea. I actually had to put wire mesh cages over the oregano last year because the birds tore them to the ground.

  9. >You have such a great garden. Love the idea of the meadow. I had one, but HH mowed it down. Everything appears to be thriving in your garden. Is your Mexican Bush Sage starting to bloom? Mine won’t until nearly September.I’m growing Confederate jasmine here this year. I don’t know if it will winter over in my OK garden.~~Dee

  10. >Mexican Hat…i have those in my yard though I had written them off as weeds bc it grew in the wilderness that is the 2nd half of our backyard. It was among the blue bonnets and buttercups. Shows how much I don’t know!Your Garden looks fabulous!

  11. >Wow, gardening is something I know next to nothing about. I mean, sure I went to college and majored in it, but how much do you really retain? Great pictures!!

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