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4 thoughts on “>Gardener-in-training

  1. >I some times wish I’d had one of those. My mother started my siblings and me gardening when little. But out of five it only stuck with me. I can only hope that it sticks with your little one. She is adorable and you are so lucky. Draco Gardens

  2. >Hi Bonnie- I may be rather late with this comment but I just picked up a copy of Texas gardener and lo and behold there is an article by you on Blogs! It was a great article and although I am new to blogging I am excited about being a member of this fine group. Seeing the pitfalls in the gardens of other bloggers has made me accept the ones in mine more easily. I bought the mag. because I recognized Bruce’s photo on the cover and I wanted to read about the fall vegetable gardening.I think you will probably have an easier time training from scratch than trying to train someone in adulthood!Jenny

  3. >How funny! Sometimes you’ve just gotta let em dig in there and get into it! She’s so cure! And your Texas Gardener piece was awesome. Such good press for Austin bloggers.

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