>Moonflowers at Night

Much like Carol, I can’t resist showing off my moonflowers. It’s hard to show them off since they only open up at night. Their fragrance is heavenly and I wish Blogger had a scratch n’ sniff feature. But I went out tonight to snap some pictures in the pitch dark to give you an idea of what they look like.

Of course, it’s hard to get a good shot of them using the flash because they are so blindingly white against the green foliage. And when they close up during the day, it’s like a large pinwheel that slowly twists close. If you have the patience, you can actually see them closing and opening slowly. I encourage you, grow moonflowers. They are very easy to grow from seed, just nick the seed before planting. Plant them close to a window you can open so the scent will flow inside. I’ve grown them ever since I lived in Chicago and love to see their flowers hiding in the day and showing off at night.


4 thoughts on “>Moonflowers at Night

  1. >Your moonflowers look beautiful. I haven’t been out after dark to see mine yet. You are right about being able to see them opening and closing. I am often out working around them at sunrise and sunset (the only times that it is bearable to garden at the moment), and it is entrancing to watch them opening or closing. I agree that they are well worth having in your garden every year.You are also right about the difficulty with photographing these white beauties. I had several overexposed shots. Your shots look good.Carol

  2. >Your moonflowers are blooming already, Bonnie? I grew them in Chicago, too and have planted them almost every year since we came here. In addition to the lovely scent, seeing what insects they attract at night is fun. But those ‘Cupani’ sweet peas on my obelisk wouldn’t stop blooming so my moon vine seeds didn’t even get started until last week. Hope they have time to get tall and make flowers. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >Those look beautiful. And you must be a far better seed propagator than I because I only got about 2 or 3 plants out of 20+ seeds. I didn’t know the bit about nicking but i still think i should have gotten a better germination rate. My plants are also still quite petite. I may just have to enjoy yours vicariously.

  4. >Thanks for the compliments. Vertie, you can also just soak the seeds overnight in water before you plant them to soften them up and get a better germination rate.

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