>The Long Heat of Summer

>These long days of summer with the endless heat and very few showers just seem to drag on. I spent the other day giving many of my perennials a haircut. They were doing fine, but had started looking tired and needed the trim to liven them back up. So my salvias and Mexican Oreganos all got cut back by about a third. I was waiting for my Texas Sage to bloom. Many in our neighborhood did after the rare shower that we had last week, but none of mine did. I drove with envy past all the other beautiful purples on the blue-green fliage all near our house. I can only hope that mine are holding out for a real show-stopper bloom later in the summer.

The crape myrtles are really in gorgeous form right now. Purples and hot pinks just lighting up the landscape. That last shower really helped our lawn recover from it’s dry and crunchy condition-that and having our irrigation guy come by to make adjustments. The system we have has always been so patchwork- different heads, bad spacing, overtaxed on some zones, not enough on others . We’ve finally gotten it to where it should be and replaced the bad heads with much more efficient rotors and taken care of spots that simply got no water. Our irrigation guru said it takes a year like this year to expose all of the faults with your zone layout that might otherwise not show up. Suddenly, everyone can see what’s lacking in their system.

I’m glad I’ve removed so much lawn and converted to beds, but we still do have a fair amount and I like it to stay healthy. To help, I always leave clippings on the lawn when I mow. And lately, I’ve raised the height on the mower to 4 inches. Only one fertilization with an organic fertilizer in the spring and we seem to be in good shape. Funny how I always had brown patch in past years when I had a lawn service on the payroll but now that I am doing it myself, we seem to be in good shape.

But boy, does this heat make it hard to enjoy the outdoors for very long during the day.


One thought on “>The Long Heat of Summer

  1. >The heat, the humidity and the mosquitoes up in Nashville make me glad we built a screened porch. Otherwise I would never sit in the garden. Hope it cools off soon for you.

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