>July Bloom Day

>Glad to be back for July Bloom Day. Something kept me from posting last month, but I have no memory whether it was dehydration, hangover or amnesia. Pick your favorite. Anyway, July has things looking, well, tired. We just haven’t had much rain, although a few recent showers have helped. But we’ll be in the 100s all this week with no rain. It was a record 105 degrees on Monday.

I’ve been trying to help plants along with a mid-summer pruning which means a lot of them are recovering and not blooming- like my roses, some salvias and mexican oregano. But here are my July greatest hits.

Upon returning home from a business trip, I was happy to be greeted for the first tme by a blooming white spider lily, a passalong from my father. They smell great and are so dramatic.

Here they are with canna in the back and zinnias around

Purple coneflower has sprung up under my palm.

My coleus seem to have held on and continue to add color to my shade area around the bird bath. I mixed up three of four and love the textures.

Those of you who have visited Kiss of Sun recently probably already saw my moonflower in bloom at night. Here is the vine during the day- quite the grower. Flowers are hiding all underneath the foliage, wound up tight during the heat of the day

Lamb’s ear and Dallas Red lantana are getting cozy in my drought-tolerant bed.

Across the path from those lovebirds is society garlic, with her violet crown

I know many folks don’t like lantana, and I myself do not like the gold variety. But I do like two varieties I have out at the end of my driveway. First, I have white lantana along a black metal fence

and I have buttercream lantana near the mailbox

One of my favorites during the summer is portulaca. You just can’t go wrong with this plant. Completely drought tolerant-not even a hint of wilting. And blooms like you wouldn’t believe. I have it in containers

and along the pathway

This is the time in Texas for crape myrtles. Mine are in full bloom-talk about adding color!

My Texas Sage I blogged about last week is fading, but my Silverado variety is blooming this week, offering cool greys and purples

I love this little zinnia because my son brought it home from school for me as a mother’s day present. One bloom on it then and look at it now. We go and check it out every time we are in the backyard.

Main attraction in the wildflower meadow right now is (I hope I identify this correctly) Mealy Blue Sage.

And finally Salvia Greggii, recovered from her haircut last month to encourage more blooming, is giving it her all

Hope your gardens are giving you lots of color and summer joy.


14 thoughts on “>July Bloom Day

  1. >Fantastic bloom…at first I was sure you were going to say that there was no bloom because of the heat and being away, but you totally surprised and awed me with so much color! I have a lantana I am liking a lot…it is an all white version that took me forever to find! It is my mitigator! When colors clash, as they always do here, in goes some lantana!Thanks for a fun tour…hoping you are doing well? Gail

  2. >Your spider lily–what an unusual and beautiful bloom! I’ve never seen one like it. I love the look of your moonflower garden. Even during the day when they aren’t blooming it’s a very pretty area with vines and other plants. Peaceful and tranquil.Marnie

  3. >What? People don’t like lantana – surely you jest! I’m with you on the portulaca – what a great plant for color and like you said, so easy to grow and care for. The vines are lovely too, makes me wish I’d planted the moonflower vine.

  4. >Wow! That spider lily is incredible! Thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden — I love the zinnia from your son. That’s so much fun!

  5. >That white spider lily/Peruvian daffodil is such an exotic looking passalong plant, Bonnie – and how nice that it’s scented. I’m grateful for moss roses this year but remember how whenever we humans think it’s a nice summer the Moss roses sulk and won’t bloom!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. >I love your buttercream lantana. I think it’s the only lantana I find attractive. (I’m one of the lantana haters–scrubby and wiry with nasty-scented leaves.)The rest of your flowers look pretty bright and festive. Mine are all dried up and withered.

  7. >I think you’ve got some very nice blooms, in spite of the heat and lack of rain. Must be the gardener!Thanks for joining in for bloom day!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. >That buttercream lantana is quite nice. I have seen lantana grown like a vine on a wall, with bougainvilleas spilling over, and its was sooo pretty.

  9. >Boy Coneflowers sure are adaptable! When I read that they were growing under a Palm, I almost snorted my coffee. Mine coneflowers are in bloom too, but there are no Palm trees around here that aren't in containers brought outside for the summer. Your Spider Lily is such a cool white with such beautiful green foliage, you'd never know it's so hot & dry in your garden.

  10. >Well I gotta say I think things look pretty good in your garden, most especially given the really rough summer you all have had (oh, I remember those tough Austin summers so well!).I’m wondering about your meadow plant though. I thought Mealy Blue Sage had much smaller and lighter blue blooms. But I could be wrong of course, and I wouldn’t know what other flower to suggest it was.Hang in there and here’s hoping you get some good rains from Edouard!

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