>Sure my tomatoes may suck but…

>My helpers came with me to check out our veggie garden today and lo and behold, two patty pan squash bigger than my hand. Must be the awesome radioactive nuclear waste I use as fertilizer. Man, that grows some yummy veggies. Sure, they have a slightly metallic taste to them and my kids seem to glow at night, but hey, they don’t need a nightlight to read either!

We also picked our first Rosa Bianca eggplant, an Ichiban eggplant (not pictured below) and another soyu cucumber. Can’t wait to use the Rosa Bianca in a dish. I picked 7 soyu cukes the other day and sent them to the jobsite with my husband who handed them out to his subs. Some of the guys just sat down and started munching on their right away. That’s my kind of veggie-lover!


6 thoughts on “>Sure my tomatoes may suck but…

  1. >Posing cute children with vegetables instead of plastic toys works for me, too, Bonnie! Did you get a lot of rain yesterday? Maybe your cut-back tomatoes will decide to give fruiting another try. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >I just had pattypan squash for the first time this year. It wasn’t bad…but I bet the homegrown stuff tastes better than what I had.

  3. >I need a good garden helper like those. I’ve got a good squirrel dog I’ll trade you for the little one. She is just so cute. I’m sure your proud of that good help.

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