>Attack of the Agapanthus

> I had never really understood why my mother-in-law, when she moved down to Austin, was so dead set on growing agapanthus everywhere. She loves them. I like them too but I always found them difficult to grow and no so showy. Plus, the deer eat them, so that limits where I can use them. So why so crazy about them?

Then I went to Santa Barbara this weekend…and they are EV-ERY-WHERE!!!!!!!
Good lord, entire beds filled with agapanthus. Both white and blue. All blooming like crazy. And my mother in law grew up in S. CA. So now I know the source of her obsession.

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4 thoughts on “>Attack of the Agapanthus

  1. >Impressive borders! I visited Santa Barbara in October last year (one of my sons were studying there at the time) – I didn’t see any agapanthus then, but lots and lots of other lovely blooms!/Katarina

  2. >That mass grouping is pretty impressive. I think agapanthus look pretty near a pool (See? I’m still obsessed with pools). But I’ve had trouble growing them as well.

  3. >Wow, that’s a spectacular display. And I especially like how the plain white wall in the background keeps the focus on the flowers.

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