>Bring it on!

>A slow rain has been steadily falling all morning. No drenching downpour but just drizzles, and then maybe a bit heavier for a while. The beds are soaking up every luscious drop that they can lap up. Because they have been dry, dry, dry. All last week- over 100 every day.

Then the weekend came and we had overcast weather. “Mommy, it’s not sunny outside.” my four year old would say. Like he didn’t know what it was but it sure wasn’t the blazing sun he has seen every other day. We had to talk about cloudy.

Then Sunday it started raining. Another discussion with my four year old. We walked out in the rain. “Ahhhhhh, I am getting drops on me. They are hitting me on my back!” he screamed. I told him it was OK and to just let the drops hit his skin. Feel the rain, I encouraged him. “Mommy, they’re getting on me!” Obviously, this was not going to be the dancing-in-the-rain scenario that I had envisioned.

But today, everyone is back in school or at work and I did a nice yoga practice to open up my body and mind and came home to the gentle sounds of rain hitting my roof. I love that sound.

And I hope I hear a lot more of it.


3 thoughts on “>Bring it on!

  1. >My area got nothing until this afternoon (Tuesday) – it was beginning to look like we’d be shut out altogether and it won’t be 2 inches but it’s something. Bonnie, I’ve been reading posts and tweets from the other Austin garden bloggers with envy in my heart!Now we have thunder! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. >Is it wrong that I find the reaction of your 4-year-old to the Death Star going on vacation hysterically funny? It really drives home how unrelentingly sunny this summer has been! I wasn’t sure that rain still existed, myself. šŸ˜‰

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