>Revival of Color

>So yes, I missed Bloom Day. But even if I had remembered, I would have boycotted because everything was so, well, crispy. I mean, it was just ridiculous. And there is only so much hand watering I have time or patience for.

And then we had rain. And everything seemed to come alive again. And some newbies popped up that I had forgotten that I had planted.So thank you rain. And thank you flowers, for being so darn tough and waiting things out.

Red Spider Lily. This one is a passalong from my dad, who got it as a passalong from my aunt, who got it as a passalong from someone in South Louisiana.

These are also called Hurricane Lilies or Surprise Lilies because they pop up after the first good rain in late summer/fall during hurricane season. Bare stems emerge with a triploid bloom. Those bloom for a bout a week. In winter, foliage will emerge without blooms.

I love the reds and yellows. And I have just been missing them this summer with all of the drought we have had. I don’t blame them. Who wants to bloom in such a furnace?

Esperenza (Tecoma Stans), or Yellow Bells finally blooms for me. These can grow up to 8′ tall and are supposed to bloom spring through fall. But this is the first show I have had. But it’s also the first year I have had it, so it may be just getting established. Very heat tolerant. I have not seen one day of wilting this summer.

Texas Star Hibiscus. Moved from a pot to the ground this year and much happier. Gorgeous huge blooms about 3-4″ across. Heat tolerant.

Nice to see the hibiscus blooming. It has quite a few buds on it, but I always seem to miss the new blooms, and I caught this one on a great day.

My white garlic. I call it that but I’m not sure what specific type of allium it is. But it is gorgeous in blooms, spreads quickly, never has any diseases or pests, not surprising given it’s fragrance, and never wilts.

Now, if only we could get some more rain. But nothing showing in the forecast for this week.


6 thoughts on “>Revival of Color

  1. >Love those lilies – they are so exotic and delicate. I’m just bummed that the rain also helped out the weeds that are getting ahead of me!

  2. >The hurricane lily is great – and the passalong story is so cool! I love a plant with some history. No hurricane lilies here, but Oxblood/Schoolhouse lilies popped up like magic after the rain. Do you think you may have Garlic Chives? They’re a favorite passalong and seed easily, so practically every gardener in Austin ends up with them, Bonnie! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >I too like those surprize plants like your Spider Lily. I have one now that I don’t remember planting that bloomed after this last rain. I think it’s Eyelash Sage but I’m not sure. But, hey, it survived and it’s pretty and that’s what counts.

  4. >What? You would consider boycotting bloom day ON PURPOSE? Why, I never! Just kidding. I’ve been reading all the Austin garden bloggers’ posts and the frustration and depression over the heat and drought was quite evident. I am happy you are all getting some rain and flowers are showing up again.Suddenly, we aren’t getting rain and the garden is very dry!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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