>And now for something completely different…

Did you know there is a type of mold nicknamed “Dog Vomit Fungus”? It’s actually not a fungus but a slime mold. And yes, they look like dog vomit, usually bright orange or yellow.

Fungus Slippery when they’re now but they harden up and get paler. Kind of marshmellowy in appearance. I had some of these in my beds last year when it was so consistently wet from the rains. No surprise that none of them appeared this year with the drought. But I fielded a quiestion at the Master Gardener desk this morning on them.

And when we’re all showing beautiful pictures of flowers, sometimes it’s good to throw in a little dog vomit.


5 thoughts on “>And now for something completely different…

  1. >Bonnie – I HOWLED when I read that. Course I don’t need it, I’ve had plenty of REAL dog vomit the last few years with a gastro-problem dog! So glad to know what that is – I have seen it in my garden in the past and wondered. You’re just the Shell Answer woman today!

  2. >Oh, man, and I was eating some ice cream when I seen that. I thought it was a yellow head of cauliflower with no plant. Now my ice cream tastes like, well, bad.

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